Logan Schokking - Chief Executive Officer

Logan Schokking is Limitless's CEO. He was appointed for the role as he has great leadership, communication and time-management skills. The fact that he is willing to get work done by putting in long extra hours into work for the benefit of the Limitless shows his dedication to the business. Logan is an excellence all-rounder which leads to him working with the entire team throughout various stages to achieve Limitless goals and aspirations.

In his own time Logan captains the successful Nelson College team sailing team. He also enjoys working on his car, training at the gym and working his part-time job.

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Tom Thornalley Chief Financial Officer

Tom has recently joined Limitless in 2019 taking the role of Chief Financial Office. Early signs show Tom is more than adequate to fulfil the role of Chief Finance Officer but more importantly, he is willing to learn and adapt to the culture Limitless has in place. Tom has received an excellence endorsement in accounting at both NCEA level 1 & 2, this made his CV stand out when choosing through applicants as it reflects his ability with numbers and a good work ethic.

Outside of school, Tom is a very competitive man who is known as a devastating ball carrier for the Nelson College 1st xv.


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Mason Lund - Chief Operating Officer

Mason is an excellence Chief Operating Officer as his wide range of skills and knowledge are used to assist and overlook important tasks. Mason has great communication skills which he uses effectively in pitches and meeting to show the benefits of the NanoSign. As Limitless is apart of YES, Mason completes and delegates the tasks so that Limitless can achieve our goal of winning YES nationals 2019.

Outside of school Mason dedicates his time to his sporting commitments, this includes being apart of the Nelson College 1st XV.

Harry Fleming - Head of Marketing and Sales

Harry Fleming has an excellent understanding of market research of the NanoSign making him an outstanding head of Marketing and Sales. He uses his knowledge to research information on upcoming products and then collaborates with Finn Restieaux to develop these products. Harry has great teamwork and communication skills which he uses to thrive in his role within Limitless.

Harry has aspirations for representing Nelson College in the school Basketball team and enjoys his social life on the weekend.


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Finn Restieaux - Head of Production and Distribution

Finn Restieaux is a very confident hands on man, which was the original reason for selecting him as Head of Production and Distribution. Through this role, we have seen him thrive with his communication and problem-solving skills. Finns relationship with our suppliers and people skills are magnificent and gives us an upper edge for finding the best rates for our products.

Finns co-curricular interests revolve around his sports where he represents the school at a top level for cricket.