Problem :

The current solutions for covering road signs are impractical. They range from un-reusable plastic bags to other signs or even tape that damages the existing signs leaving them useless. These temporary solutions aren't sustainable and certainly aren't professional for companies.

After doing some research we found that temporary road signs are bulky and require a large amount of storage space in vehicles. The current temporary speed signs are also an inconvenience to put up and take down. That is why you often drive through roadworks during non-working hours with the temporary speed signs still up. Which is an annoyance for drivers who slow down just to find there are no roadworks.

Product :

Our solution to this worldwide issue was creating the NanoSign. New Zealand's first NZTA approved temporary speed sign cover. The Nanosign uses a new technology known as Nano Technology. This technology has extreme hold that sticks to a range of surfaces without coming off. For example, glass, aluminium, wood and most other flat surfaces. Our sign won't come off in heavy rain, heat or wind. It is more cost effective than current road signs. It takes seconds to put on and take off which saves crucial time for road maintenance workers.

The Nanosign is a completely innovative product that is unique in all aspects. There is no other product on the market similar to ours. By creating the Nanosign we have created the solution for road maintenance companies in covering speed sign covers.

Testing :

For 6 months we've been intensely testing the product and making changes where necessary. Some of the testing included, leaving a sign on a wall outside for 20 days in grueling weather conditions. Leaving the product in muddy water for 3 days and drying it out to find it still stuck. We've run over the sign, we've attempted to literally pull it apart, we attempted to measure the grip force but broke the measuring equipment due to its strength. We have come to the conclusion the NanoSign is extremely durable.